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42+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Accountants

Are you looking for the best ChatGPT prompts for accountants?

This list of prompts is designed to provide valuable tips and best practices in various accounting areas, such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, financial analysis, auditing, payroll, inventory management, accounting ethics, and business strategy. By incorporating these prompts into your work, you can improve the quality of your performance. 

You can use the prompts as a starting point for a conversation with ChatGPT or another AI text generator. Just copy and paste the prompts into ChatGPT or any other AI-Text-Generator, like Jasper.

Table of Contents

General Prompts

What are the most common tax deductions for small businesses?
How do you manage your time effectively during tax season?
What are some of the best accounting software options for small businesses?
How do you handle difficult clients who are behind on their books?
What are the best practices for maintaining accurate financial records?

Tax Preparation

Draft a non-disclosure agreement for a new business partnership.
Write a contract provision for the termination of a contract due to a breach.
Create a lease agreement for a commercial property.
Generate a contract clause for the resolution of disputes through arbitration.
Write a provision for a service contract with a termination for convenience clause.


How do you organize financial records for a small business?
What is the difference between accounts receivable and accounts payable?
How do you reconcile bank statements with financial records?
What are some best practices for managing cash flow?
How do you handle discrepancies in financial records?

Financial Analysis

How do you create a budget for a small business?
What financial ratios are important to track for small businesses?
How do you analyze cash flow statements?
What are some tools or techniques for forecasting financial performance?
How do you interpret financial statements to identify areas for improvement?


What is the difference between a financial audit and a tax audit?
How do you prepare for a financial audit?
What are some red flags that might indicate fraud in financial statements?
What are some best practices for maintaining accurate and transparent financial records?
How do you address findings or recommendations from an audit report?


How do you calculate payroll taxes?
What are some of the most common payroll mistakes small businesses make?
What is the difference between an exempt employee and a non-exempt employee?
What are some best practices for managing employee benefits?
How do you handle payroll for employees with multiple pay rates or positions?

Accounting Ethics

What are some ethical considerations for accountants?
How do you handle conflicts of interest in accounting?
What are some best practices for maintaining professional boundaries with clients?
How do you ensure confidentiality and security of financial information?
What are some consequences of unethical accounting practices?

Bankruptcy Law

Write a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition for a client with significant debts.
Create a Chapter 11 plan for a company in financial distress.
Generate a proof of claim for a creditor in a bankruptcy case.
Write a motion for relief from the automatic stay in a bankruptcy case.
Create a reaffirmation agreement for a debtor in a Chapter 7 case.

Business Strategy

How do you use financial statements to inform business decisions?
What are some key financial metrics to track for business growth?
How do you conduct a cost-benefit analysis?
What are some best practices for managing business finances during times of growth or expansion?
How do you evaluate the financial health of a business?


What are some unique accounting challenges for the healthcare industry?
How do you handle cost accounting for manufacturing businesses?
What are some important accounting practices for non-profit organizations?
How do you handle revenue recognition for software companies?
What are some best practices for managing financial records for construction businesses?

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