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50+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Public Relations Specialists

Looking for the best ChatGPT prompts for Public Relations Specialists?

As a PR specialist, you have plenty of opportunities to improve your work thanks to ChatGPT. We have compiled a list of the best prompts especially for PR specialists to significantly increase your success.

You can use the prompts as a starting point for a conversation with ChatGPT or another AI text generator. Just copy and paste the prompts into ChatGPT or any other AI-Text-Generator, like Jasper.

Table of Contents

Press Release Writing

Create a template for a press release that can be easily modified for different clients.
Write a press release announcing a new product launch for a client in the technology industry.
Generate a press release that highlights the accomplishments of a nonprofit organization.
Create a press release for a client that has just won an award.
Write a press release announcing the opening of a new location for a client in the retail industry.

Media Outreach

Create a list of media contacts in the client's industry.
Write a pitch email to send to media contacts introducing the client's product or service.
Generate a media alert for an upcoming event hosted by the client.
Create a press kit that includes background information about the client and high-resolution images.
Write a follow-up email to a media contact who has expressed interest in covering the client's story.

Crisis Communications

Create a crisis communication plan for a client in case of a product recall.
Write a statement to address a controversy surrounding a client's actions.
Generate a social media response to a negative review or comment about the client.
Create a message for the client's website that addresses a major outage or service disruption.
Write an email to employees to communicate a change in company policy.

Event Planning

Create a detailed event plan that includes timelines, budgets, and vendors for a client's product launch party.
Write a script for a client's keynote speech at a conference.
Generate social media posts to promote an upcoming event for the client.
Create a list of potential sponsors for a client's charity fundraiser.
Write a follow-up email to attendees after a client's event thanking them for their attendance.

Content Creation

Create a content calendar for the client's social media accounts.
Write a blog post about a current event related to the client's industry.
Generate social media posts to promote a client's new blog post.
Create a video script to showcase a client's new product or service.
Write a newsletter to update subscribers on the client's latest achievements and news.

Client Relations

Create a client onboarding process that ensures a seamless transition for new clients.
Write an email to thank a client for their business and ask for a review.
Generate a client satisfaction survey to gather feedback on the client's experience.
Create a presentation to showcase the results of a client's PR campaign.
Write an email to a client to update them on the progress of their PR campaign.

Market Research

Create a survey to gather consumer insights related to the client's industry.
Write a report analyzing market trends in the client's industry.
Generate a list of potential influencers to collaborate with on behalf of the client.
Create a competitor analysis report to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the client's competitors.
Write a summary of research findings for the client to use in their marketing strategy.

Branding and Messaging

Create a brand style guide for the client that includes messaging, tone, and visual guidelines.
Write a tagline for a new product or service offering for the client.
Generate a messaging framework to guide communication for the client's new campaign.
Create a script for a brand video that tells the story of the client's company and mission.
Write a brand manifesto that captures the essence of the client's brand.

Writing and Editing

Create a style guide for the client that includes guidelines for grammar, punctuation, and tone.
Write a byline article for a client to pitch to a publication.
Generate social media captions to accompany visual content for the client.
Create a set of talking points for the client's spokesperson for an upcoming interview.
Write a speech for the client's CEO to deliver at an industry conference.

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